Leadership Accomplishments

Accomplishments as Midland County Judge:

  • Cut the County Tax Rate by over 40% resulting in Midland County having the lowest County Tax Rate 6 of the last 7 years.
  • Significantly increased Property Tax exemption for 65 and older and provided Property Tax exemption for all property owners under 65.
  • Over $40 million being invested in roads in Midland County this year.
  • Reduced County debt by one third.
  • Authorized Midland County Fresh Water District #1 which built pipeline and brought water to the City of Midland.
  • Funded more patrolmen and staffing for the Sheriff’s office and increased Law Enforcement’s pay.
  • From the sale of the Old Courthouse, purchased and donated three ambulances and one firetruck to the City of Midland and made $500,000 investment to the local Volunteer Fire Departments.
  • Invested County sales tax back into the community in areas requested by the public. Examples, library, courtrooms, and multi-purpose facilities.
  • Worked with the Texas Legislature to obtain a new District Court for Midland County (441st District Court).
  • Improved relationships with the City of Midland.