Roads and Public Safety

According to information from MOTRAN and TXDoT, over 90% of the highway fatalities in Midland County occur on Federal or State highways. *

Midland County is prohibited by law from working on Federal and State highways. Midland County can only work and improve County owned roadways. Currently, Midland County is in a multi-year plan paving all of its roadways where the County owns necessary safety right-of-ways as of March 1, 2013. Midland County has supplemented its Road & Bridge paving activity by hiring additional third party paving contractors.

More than $40 million is being invested in Midland County this year.

*Federal Highways in Midland County

  • I-20

*State Highways in Midland County

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  • HWY 191
  • HWY 158
  • Loop 250
  • HWY 349
  • State FM 397

Public Safety Facts

Midland County has continually increased funding for Law Enforcement. Some examples are as follows:

  • Funded additional Patrol Officers and vehicles for the Sheriff Department.
  • Funded additional personnel for the Sheriff Department.
  • Continues to purchase best equipment available.
  • Continues to increase pay scale for Law Enforcement.


Court System and D.A:

  • Worked with State Legislature to create the 441st District Court in Midland (this was an increase to District Court’s in Midland).
  • Added additional Prosecutors in D.A.’s office.
  • Increased pay for Prosecutors.
  • Currently working with Judge Leonard to create the first Mental Health Court in Midland.


Midland Emergency Management:

  • Funded additional personnel.
  • Continues to purchase best equipment available.